What Religious Diversity Shows Us, by Articulett

What religious diversity shows us is that, if gods exist, they don't care what humans believe... any god worth their title could tweak things so that humans believed whatever they wanted them to believe if belief was important to them, and would have no one to blame but themselves if they were disappointed. (So could an evil demon or super advanced alien.) So either no gods exist, or they are fine with religious wars, misinterpretation, conflicting beliefs, and so forth. YOU privilege your hypothesis because you have been indoctrinated to believe in a god that rewards you for believing whatever you believe --and who will torture you for all eternity if you don't believe it! Just like the Muslims. Is it more likely that some god is involved in such a twisted mental game or that no gods exist? We KNOW for sure that humans create gods and other mythical beings... we have no reason whatsoever to believe that consciousness can exist without a material brain.

If no invisible beings exist, then atheism is true. As far as the evidence is concerned, the invisible beings you believe in are as imaginary as the invisible beings you dismiss as mythological. If there was any real evidence that consciousness could exist absent a material brain, scientists would be testing, refining, and honing that evidence for their own benefit, if nothing else. As it is, nobody really has a good definition for what it even means to be conscious but have none of the measurable characteristics of consciousness-- is the concept even coherent? If a ghost can be conscious then how do you know a rock isn't conscious? What distinguishes a real invisible being from an imaginary one? Why should a rational person give more credence to your supernatural beliefs than you give to Greek Myths or the supernatural beliefs of those in conflicting faiths?