Bill Maher On Christians Reading the Bible


Peter Gillies said...

On the whole, I find that Bill Maher’s remark is disturbingly true. Too many people read the Bible without paying attention. Although they have eyes, they do not see; although they have ears, they do not hear what is being said. It is this sort of ‘blind faith’ that seems to form the basis for much of Christian belief... even though it may be found that many of that religion’s tenets have no firm foundation in the Bible itself.

For example, was Jesus’ mother Mary present at the crucifixion? Many peopple think so, and Christian art has portrayed her as standing beside her son’s cross for centuries. Yet the only verse to suggest this is John 19:25, and if you read it carefully, you will realize that the woman being spoken of as his mother was not Mary, the wife of Joseph of Nazareth. (An article expounding on this can be found at

Not only do people click unthinkingly on “I agree”, as Bill Maher jokes, but they think they know what the Bible says. Sadly, while they may open the good book now and then, they tend more often than not to keep their eyes tightly closed.