My Second Major Post at DC on the Bible Will be Up by This Weekend

Tentative Title: Embarrassing Facts About Christianity’s Biblical Birth and Foundation

Over the last six months I have assembled every Jewish and Christian holy text (excluding the Targums and Mishnah) spanning the centuries from 250 Before the Common Era (BCE) to the 5th century of the Common Era (CE); form the areas of Greco-Roman Palestine, Egypt, and Asia Minor. The number of these holy books that were not canonized now stands at 295 texts compared to the sparse 66 canonical Biblical texts that account for only 22.3 % of the inspired literature of the time. If the canonized Biblical texts are added to this active environment of the Judeo-Christian massive literary production, one quickly finds that the Jesus Tradition and the Early Church were born in a hot house of 362 holy books all claiming the inspiration of God, yet the Israelite God wrote none as all texts were produced mostly by men!

The first 79 books related to the Old Testament commonly known as the Pseudepigrapha will have the date it was roughly composed; the theme of the book and often a major verse characterizing the work.

This post will be preceded with three hard facts that I invited any Christian apologist to try to defeat as they will likely seek to defend their very limited Biblical (and theological) canon in the name of orthodoxy (another human invention).

Finally, all that’s left to do are endnotes and then formatting these 16 pages for blogger publication on DC. Stay tuned.