"Reason on the Bayou" Was Awesome!

Last Sunday I was among a very nice line-up of speakers for the first ever secular rally in the state of Louisiana, held on the campus of LSU. It was put together by Chad Thibodeaux along with several helpers, and executed very well. Here is a link to the write-up in The Daily Reverie, a campus newspaper. Below are some pictures from this awesome event:

Here is a group picture of the speakers and organizers.  If you don't know who these people are then Google them. Chad Thibodeaux is standing in the center.

I struck up some wonderful friendships. Here is Nate Phelps (who can drink me under the table hands down, no iffs ands or buts about it!) and Gordon Maples (who is on my left).

Ed Brayton of Freethought Blogs. I caught him just before he was about to eat. Can you tell? Even though online we've been critical of each other, we got along just fine. I regard him as a friend.

Andy Seidel, who struck up a pose for me. He's such a likeable guy.

My hero Barbara Forrest. She's an intellectual giant of a woman.

Aron Ra, who drove six hours one way and had to leave immediately after speaking to drive home.

Jerry DeWitt, a Clergy Project graduate, who delivered a powerful sermon. "Can I get a Darwin?"

This is a shot while Jim Dugan was speaking. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the others but Dr. Abby Hafer and Rob Boston are amazing people!