Some General Observations on Christianity:

A. This superstitious belief system is the default setting for any mind that refuses to be objectively educated about reality. In short, it’s a reward for mental laziness.

B. The reason one needs to bow the head and close the eyes while praying is to help the mind fantasize on myths.

C. The main reason churches don’t have windows or have them covered with stained glass is due to the fact that there is a hell of a lot more interesting reality going on outside (even if it’s just simply watching a bird in a tree) then wishing non-reality into existence inside the artificial environment in the church’s sanctuary !

D. The only difference between a child’s fairy tale and the Bible is that a child's story book has not acquired a national myth status supported with tax exemptions, but is one of the major employers of people who profit from sermonizing others with superstitions.

E. Religious Freedom is the only government sanctioned myth that can profit while discriminating on the freedoms of others.