Christian, If You Thought You Were Saved Then Think Again!

Rather, let God be found true, though every man be found a liar, . . .(New American Standard Bible, Romans 3: 4)

Heck, I thought I was saved!
Questions Your Pastor Hopes You Won't Ask!  Like what is Real and True Salvation? (As you enjoy this educational 9 min. video, I bet you had no idea salvation was so simple and easy.)
Yes, it's all in here . . . God's Word!
Still confused about what real and true Biblical Christianity is? Then checkout their section on Heresies!

(Please note:  I am an atheists and NOT some wacko Christian apologist as you find posting the above five point salvation video produced by a Five Point Calvinist.   The purpose of this post is to prove the Bible can be made to say anything, especially in creating a comfort theology such as salvation.)