Ken Ham: Intolerant Atheists Viciously Attack Christian School

“Today, we bring your attention to another attack on Christian education. A Christian K–12 school in South Carolina, with dedicated and highly qualified Christian teachers, has come under vicious attack by atheists. Why? Because one of its instructors, a fourth-grade teacher, tested her children about biblical creation, science, and dinosaurs (using AiG resources), and she has become (in) famous on many atheist websites and blogs.” “Knowing The Truth” with Pastor Kevin Boling 

I think you’ll find this eighteen minute interview with Creationist Ken Ham informative as to what Evangelical Christianity really fears.

Here's the test enlarged and transcribed for reading:

4ht grade Science Quiz

Dinosaurs:  Genesis and the Gospel

1. True or False      The earth is billions of years old.

2.  True or False      Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

3.  On what day did God make dinosaurs?   6th

4.  True or False      Dinosaurs lived with people.

5.  What did people and animals eat in the beginning?  Plants

6. Which one fits the Behemoth described in Job 40?  (Circle the picture)
Elephant                              Rhino                    Dinosaur             

7.  True or False      If an animal has sharp teeth, it must mean it is a meat eater.   

Page 2:

11.   Who should we always trust?  God!!!

12.   What is the “History Book of the Universe”?  Bible!!!

13.   What did God tell Noah to build?  an ark

14.    True or False     Noah’s ark looked like this.   (A picture with two huge Brachiosauruses, Elephants and other animals on the open deck of the floating ark)

15.    The average size of a dinosaur was a             A.  giraffe            B.  rhino             C. elephant         D. sheep

16.  What caused there to be fossils?  A.  lighting               B. a Global Flood                 
C. a tornado       D. evolution

17. Fossils are   billion of dead things buried in rock layers by water all over the earth.

18. The next time someone says the earth is billions (or millions) of years old, what can you say?  were you there?