This Arrest Would Never Have Happened Under Biblical Morality and Ethics!

Puppy's mouth taped shut dies in closet: John Scott Mill arrested

The warrant says Mill tortured, tormented and cruelly killed the Lab puppy by taping its mouth closed with electrical tape and storing it in a laundry closet on the rear porch outside the apartment on May 27, where it was deprived of food and water.”

Let’s face it, the ONLY use the Bible had for animals was to support a limited theology that kept humans front and center of their anthromorphic God. From Creation to the Talking Snake in Eden to to sacrifices to the famous myth of Noah’s Ark to the Plagues of Egypt to Balaam’s Talking Donkey to the dogs licking up Ahab’s blood to the animals in the Gospels (doves, dogs, pigs and donkeys) and finally to the plagues and monsters of Revelation; the only use animals ever play in the Bible are to be used as support in the Judeo-Christian justification for the existence of an alter ego: God

Sadly for all snakes (even if they are harmless and beneficial such as the Garter Snake and Rat Snake) thousands are killed annually due to the myth of Genesis 3. Likewise, the Hebrew god – in a major contradiction - views the very animals he created such as pigs, certain birds, catfish, eels, shell fish and other crustaceans abhorrent (so why the hell were they created?).

Finally, contrary to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism along with native American, African and Polynesian religions all have a theology that considers animals much more in line with the natural ecology of the planet placing humans as part of creation and not above it.