What is Cultural Relativism?

One of the objections to the Outsider Test for Faith (OTF) is that when applied to morality it leads to cultural relativism, which conjures up unpleasant notions of a world where anything goes. I argue in my book that such an objection is an illegitimate one. You can catch a glimpse of my response from this post. I go on to argue that rejecting the OTF because it leads to cultural relativism (if it does) is like rejecting arguments to the existence of God because they lead us to the unpleasant conclusion that there is no afterlife. One cannot legitimately reject an argument merely because it leads to an unpleasant conclusion. Just bite the bullet. But let's say a consistent application of the OTF leads to cultural relativism anyway. Then I argue we should try to understand what cultural relativism is. Here is a good explanation of it from Renato Rosaldo, who is one of the world's leading cultural anthropologists. See, it's not so bad as supposed.