Do Pro-Life Christians Really Care About Babies?

Lately, I've noticed a number of instances of Christian schools (Protestant and Catholic) firing teachers who become pregnant out of wedlock. The schools are the sort that like to micromanage the personal lives of their teachers, as well as their students, and often require teachers to refrain from ‘ungodly’ activities such as pre-marital sex, pornography, and homosexuality. Quite possibly masturbation or reading 50 Shades of Grey might also be firing offenses.

In the case of Cathy Samford, she was engaged to be married and offered to move up the wedding date, so as to remedy her pregnant-out-of-wedlock status, but that simply wasn't good enough the squeaky-clean Pharisees at the Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Texas.

According to Headmaster Dr. Ron Taylor,

"It's not that she's pregnant. The issue here is being an unmarried mother. Everything that we stand for says that we want our teachers, who we consider to be in the ministry, to model what a Christian man or woman should be."

Apparently, what the model Christian man would do is kick the pregnant Ms. Samford - along with her two dependent children from a previous marriage – out on the streets, leaving her with no job or medical care – WWJD – right?

Apart from the astonishing absence of the grace and forgiveness which are supposedly fundamental to the Christian message, one has to ask…

Is this:




Of course, if she had secretly gotten an abortion, her ‘sin’ would not be evident and she could have continued teaching there unopposed.

Are these callous arbiters of purity blind to the rottenness of their own hearts? Do they see that their actions might encourage other teachers in a similar bind to seek an abortion so as to preserve their job security? Ms. Samford does the right thing in their eyes (choosing to bear the child) and they punish her for it. Not only do they punish her, but they also punish her two children and her unborn child by depriving her of providing for them. All the while no doubt, they feel noble and just for upholding the standards of their belief system.

To the dogmatic mind, principles are more important than people. They don’t give a damn about babies or children, when there are ‘morals’ at stake. Better to keep up good appearances for the sake of their school than to worry about a mother and her children.

Other examples of Christian schools maintaining virtue become quite bizarre:

Emily Herx was fired from a Catholic school for being pregnant out of wedlock. The twist? She wasn't pregnant as a result of fornication (unless you consider a turkey baster encounter to be fornicating). In Vitro fertilization got her canned.

Teri James was fired from a Christian college for having a bun in the oven without a marriage license. Then in a move which should make one’s head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, they offered her now-available job to the baby-daddy.

These examples reveal the moral confusion and moral bankruptcy of the decision-makers at these Christian institutions. There is no compassion. No empathy. No promotion of values that truly meet human needs. All that is revealed is slavish obedience to the mindless dogma of a demanding god.

Written by J.M. Green