My Book WIBA Was Found in an Airport Bookstore

When I was in Canada recently, Randal Rauser and I were discussing what indicators we look for to know our books are doing well. One such indicator is whether they can be found in an airport bookstore. The reason is because these stores have limited space, so books must sell well to be put on the shelves. And since people usually do more reading when flying, a book in one of these stores will sell more often. So after publishing a book or two I began looking for my books in these stores. But I never found one. I even stopped looking. Well, I received a message from a friend on Facebook, and guess what? I've now arrived. It's there. My book WIBA was found in not just any airport either. It was found in a bookstore at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. I was furthermore flattered by what this person said of it:

I'll just use the money quote:

I confirmed with the person it was O'Hare International Airport, the biggest one in Midwest America. I also confirmed the book was Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity.

The reference is to John A.T. Robinson's book, Honest to God, which I consider very important in my own intellectual journey to atheism by way of liberalism. I have continually tried to tell people, without much success, that my book is not recounting my personal journey (except in the first and last chapters). By comparing it to Robinson's book I hope this helps to show it really isn't just a personal story. It's a sustained argument against my former faith utilizing a cumulative case approach.

To think, I was in that airport two days ago and never bothered to look for it. It was within my sights and I didn't even bother looking. It's a good thing I didn't though, because I might have crapped my pants. ;-)