Quintessential Articulett

I'd say that anything that leads you to believe that you know which immeasurable beings are real and which ones are myth/false/superstition is irrational. It's a poor epistemology-- you can see this when it comes to people who believe in fairies or that they are the reincarnated spirit of Buddha or that demons are possessing you-- Heck, they may believe YOU are the anti-christ... but that doesn't mean that they are using the same process that you use to believe that you are NOT the anti-christ. The reason the Scientologist believes Scientology is not the same reasoning you use to believe that Scientology's teaching are bullshit. You are confusing belief in supernatural/far fetched thingies with the dismissal of these ideas-- all believers in magic like to classify skepticism of their claims as beliefs and pretend (as you do) that this means there's a 50-50 probability that their magical beliefs are the truth. (they confuse 2 options with the idea that both options are equally likely.)

I don't think the psychological processes for magical thinking are at all on par as dismissing such thinking. When things are real, the evidence accumulates. Scientists can test, refine, and hone information when it is real.

However, when a person is told that they will live happily ever after for believing in certain invisible beings and/or that they'll be tortured for eternity for non-belief... then they have a vested interest in believing as their indoctrinators have told them-- this is as true for Christians as it is for Muslims or people in other cults.

You can see this readily if you ever believed in Santa. You did not believe in Santa for the same reasons you came to believe he was a fantasy propagated by adults. The same could be said for superman and 3-in-1 zombie savior gods.
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