Quote of the Day, by a Christian Named Tannert:

I have been trying to disprove the Bible for quite some time now.
He (?) is a first time commenter, the kind we get who thinks he can straighten us out, saying,
All religions, except for Christianity, conflict with scientific fact, and history. If you can show me one plausible conflict contained within the Bible, and explain to me how its writers predicted the future far before it happened in specific detail...Then I will move it to the list of my false gods, but I promise you won't be able too.
I threw out a few examples. Undeterred, he's the "answer man" and mindlessly spit out some answers. If he's truly interested in trying to disprove the Bible *cough* then I suggest he reads just two books, Why I Became an Atheist, and The Outsider Test for Faith: How to Know Which Religion is True. In fact, if any Christian claims to be doing this then I've suggested twelve books to read, one per month. You can start reading them any given month. I very much doubt he'll read any of them. So much then for disingenuously claiming what he did. It's empty rhetoric, an apologist's trick, claiming he's doing something he isn't doing in order to sound more believable. Typical Christian. It reminds me of so many Christians who are now claiming to have been atheists before becoming Christians, when in reality they weren't intellectual atheists but rather practical atheists. There is a big difference. For all I know, they are still practical atheists. ;-)


Unknown said...

So the Christians who claimed to be former atheists weren't REAL atheists?