A Solid Theological Contradiction: An All-Knowing God Must Test People

No temptation (testing) has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted (tested) beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted (tested), he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.     
(1 Corinthians 10: 13)

Typical Tube Tester
When I first setup an electronic repair shop back in the late 1960’s (before the universal use of the transistor), one of the first pieces of equipment I bought was a tube tester to check receiving tubes in radios and televisions. Unless the tube was completely burnt-out or had turned white inside do to air entering the sealed vacuum enclosure, there was no way to find out if the tube was either good or bad without a tube tester which usually had a three level meter scale.  When the “TEST” button was pushed (after the tube warmed up) it was rated   as GOOD, “?” or BAD (and you hoped it didn't tested “?”!). So, unless a tube was visually bad, it was humanly impossible to know how the tube would function without testing it (due to the fact that a resistor or capacitor could be making the tube malfunction while in the circuit).

With that said, I told a Christian last week that one of many sure ways to tell if a religion is fake is it requires members to give money (Tithes and Offerings) so they will be accepted by their “Loving Heavenly Father”.

He immediately (apologetically) responded that God has no use at all for money as He owns all the wealth in the world. However, due to the fact that we have Free Will, God must test believers to see if Christians will be faithful stewards by giving back that which He has entrusted to them in the first place.

Likewise in the area of human suffering, God must constantly test believers spiritually (a nice phrase for mental stress) to see how faithful they remain during trials and tribulations or (as pointed out to me) much the same way He tested men and women in the Bible from Adam and Eve to those tested for their faith as martyrs in the Book of Revelation.

Ironically, to defend the need for money (the real blood that keeps organized religion functioning) or to provide an explanation to keep God from looking sadistic; God’s omniscience had to be apologetically dumb-down by having Him randomly test people to see where they fall spiritually: GOOD or BAD (I’m not sure where the “?” would sit, but maybe more “Testing” would be needed to break the impasse).

So the next time you find a Christian struggling on whether to tithe God’s 10% or questioning their faith due to life’s trails and troubles, just tell them to picture God as The Big Tube Tester in the Sky and just where will their soul stand when God pushes the TEST button!

(At least when one hears the expression, "I have no earthly idea what that person will do.", well neither apparently does God.)

Don't worry folks, God is just testing her!