An Analogy on How Most Christian Apologists Defend the Bible

An atheist arguing with a Christian apologist is like driving down a highway with him (or her) in your car. As you drive along, he continually and randomly points to land, cars, buildings and even planes in the sky stating: “My family owns that . . . and we own this . . . and we own that . . .I KNOW we do without a doubt along with much more!” However, common sense tells the atheist that these claims aren't logical, in fact, they’re impossible and the atheist tells this to the Christian.

But the Christian demands to be proven wrong.

When the Christian realizes the atheist can’t quickly produce the required evidence (proving all these things are not truly owned by his family), then the Christian goes on the offense and demands that the atheist tell him (if his family doesn't own it) then who does?

When the atheist honestly states he (or she) doesn't really know, the Christian apologist jumps at the chance to belittle the atheist in that he cannot honestly provide any answers at all because he doesn't really have any answers!

Finally, the atheist asks the Christian how he knows his family owns all these things. The Christian states: “My father (Honest Joe) told me we own all this and I accept it on faith. Now prove me wrong Mr. Atheist and if you want proof, then the burden of proof is on you to go to the right court house in the correct state somewhere in the United States to do a title search locating the facts (which I might or might not accept) proving me wrong!

Thus, the debate is over and the Christian feels vindicated because his faith has provided him answers that the atheist just can’t refute (at least without much time and trouble).