As Yahweh Was Endowed With More Major Divine Attributes, So Did Both His Global Responsibilities and Theological Problems

I have noted many times in posts here at DC that the Jewish God (Yahweh) was a simple local West Semitic deity textually employed after 250 BCE to give a historical foundation for the descendants of the poor Canaanites from the hill country near Ugarit later known as Jews.

Also, one can easily find by reading other older ancient Near Eastern texts that Yahweh functioned much like and incorporated all the limiting attributes of these neighboring Gods who too were supported by an ethic people. In light of this fact, this limited Semitic Jewish God was truly never meant to function on a global basis in a modern world without having a total theological make-over, but this created more problems than it solved.

As an analogy, basically apologists have taken a 1920’s wooden hand crank telephone, stripped out the ancient electrical workings and mounted an Apple I phone 5 internally. But apologists have over built an antique and are then left constantly defending the total lack of its usefulness this despite all the claimed powerful super technological functions available.

This brings me to my final point:

Harry’s Law on Theism: The more a God is endowed with supernatural divine attributes, the more these attributes must be equally balanced with active divine ethical responsibilities.

To put it another way, no deity gets a free lunch!