Richard Carrier on the Free ebook Offer of "God or Godless"

There is one thing people should to know about my friendship with Richard. He was the first scholar to recognize and recommend my work, and for that I'll be ever grateful (Ed Babinski did so before him). As I look at the five books I've published in five years, Richard's influence on me is evident. You can see it with my use of him as a solid resource in support of my arguments, or as a contributing author for my anthologies, or as a blurber for my individually written books. Here's what he additionally said today about the book "God or Godless":
I’d recommend starting any debate online, for example, by having both sides read the corresponding mini-debate in this book, and then continuing from there. And if you just want some ideas for how to debate these topics in general, or even to help you think about them in building your own philosophy of life, this book is well suited as a primer for the task. Even if you don’t think either side is making the very best possible defense of their position, it’s even a useful task to think through how you’d do it better, since both are representative of some of the best approaches. So even then it’s a good place to start. LINK.
He joins other atheist reviewers like Robert Price in recommending this book. And, did I say you can get it free today, July 1st? That's right!.