Atheism Sighting in Mainstream Entertainment: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is an original comedy/drama series produced by Netflix, and based on the real-life experiences of Piper Kerman. Kerman spent 13 months in a women’s prison because of her involvement, years earlier, with a heroin dealer.

What is of special interest to readers of the DC blog, is this gem of a scene in which the lead character declares her atheism:

 Here is a transcription of the core of her speech:

I haven’t read the book on which the series is based so I have no idea whether this scene reflects the real-life views of the author, but it is exciting to have this brief-but-powerful atheist apologetic embedded in a very popular show. It is woven authentically into the storyline, rather than being a preachy imposition of sermonizing – something which Christians have not figured out how to do in their movies.

The “Now I’m gonna have to kill her” ending is funny too, in that Christians often will resort to an attack when all of their canned defenses of religious beliefs have failed. In the world outside prison, this usually amounts to this:

Having an atheist lead character hasn't hurt Orange is the New Black in the slightest. In fact, Netflix has renewed it for a second season.