Leading Talk Radio Conservative Dennis Prager Shows His Ignorance of Biblical Scholarship

This five minute YouTube video is but one of a number of "courses" presented to refute atheists and to educate social and religious conservatives by one of the newest leaders in Conservative Talk Radio; Dennis Prager.  Prager has started his free online Prager University to counter liberal views especially those of his alma mater; Columbia University.

Here are three (time mark) places in the video Prager show his ignorance:
       1. @ 2:14 Prager fails to understand the Semitic god Yahweh in his ancient Near Eastern context.
 2. @ 3:40 Prager (unknowingly) slams the virgin birth. But Prager is Jewish and doesn't seem to understand Luke 1: 34 -35.

         3. @ 3:52 Prager totally neglects the inscriptions found at Kuntillet ‘Ajrud inscribed Pithos 1, 2 written Paleo Hebrew where Yahweh is stated twice to have a wife and was one of the bases in William Dever’s book:  Did God Have A Wife? Archaeology And Folk Religion In Ancient Israel