My Further Response to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis

As my readers know, I recently visited Ken Ham's Creation Museum in Kentucky and wrote about it here. Ken Ham responded with a post of his own, to which I responded, and I'm sticking to my story despite his claims otherwise. Now I want to dispel a couple of other things he said. He wrote:
I recently posted a Facebook comment about this man (me), with the title, “Atheist debunking—or an advertisement for the Creation Museum?” Like most atheists who write negatively about their museum experience, he simply described some of the exhibits and, with lots of hand-waving, just said we were wrong. His lengthy piece really offered no real rebuttals of the scientific displays. He mocked the exhibits more than anything.
First off, I went to Ken Ham's Facebook page and posted a link to my first response. Guess what? It was deleted within a couple of hours. Looks like he won't stand for a free debate and/or discussion. So much for him having the evidence on his side such that he can allow it to win in the marketplace of ideas. He can do what he wants there, of course. But that should be the first clue he is not being intellectually honest. Secondly, I want to show why his views are ignorant and delusional, not just tell what I saw at the museum. So here goes.

Ken Ham asserts "time and time again" that "science confirms the Bible...Nobody can say that we don’t present scientific evidence. Most of all, though, we point people to the Bible. And we do believe in using reason... LINK. Really? Let me give him an education. I want to recommend a limited number of books and a few links that might help him and his followers to come out of the Dark Ages.

Let's start with what other Christians have written, people Ken Ham can trust more than us lying cheating atheists. ;-) When it comes to the relationship of faith and reason there is no better position from the Christian perspective than the one Arthur Holmes wrote about in his now classic 1977 book, All Truth Is God's Truth.This book should prime the pump, so to speak. My copy is signed by Holmes as I heard him lecture on the topic.

Probably the first card-carrying evangelical to express doubts about the literal creation and Flood stories in Genesis was Bernard Ramm, in his classic 1954 book, The Christian View of Science and Scripture.Ramm's original title suggestion was "The Evangelical Faith and Modern Science," but the publisher persuaded him to accept this one instead. It was very controversial to say the least.

Probably the three earliest evangelical books destroying Ken Ham's creationism are Conrad Hyers's 1984 book, The Meaning of Creation: Genesis and Modern Science,Henri Blocher's 1984 book, In the Beginning: The Opening Chapters of Genesis,and Howard Van Till's 1986 book, The Fourth Day: What the Bible and the Heavens are Telling Us about the Creation.If you are a young earth creationist you should start with these books. If you choose just one get Van Till's book.

Present-day Evangelical orthodoxy on Genesis chapter one is probably best defended in John H. Walton's small but excellent 2009 book, The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate.Evangelicals who now agree with Walton should take note of the amnesia they have.

The controversial evangelical book by Peter Enns, The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say about Human Origins,argues that in light of the evidence for evolution there is no need to believe in a historical Adam and Eve. I predict his view will become evangelical orthodoxy in a few decades, if not before.

If you would rather read debates where young earth creationists have a voice (but get slaughtered) then read these three books:

The above reading list isn't long at all. You can do this people. Do it.

So far I've recommended nothing but Christian books. None of them are to be found in Ken Ham's bookstore or seen in his online resources. Why not? Again, he doesn't think his views can win in the marketplace of ideas. He has a vested interest in keeping people from becoming informed. He's not an educator. He's an indoctrinator, a snake oil salesman.

Now it's time for the facts!

--Books and a PBS video on where the universe came from:

Watch the PBS Nova program The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?

--Books regarding science, astronomy and the earth sciences:

--Regarding the evidence for evolution and why it matters:

--Regarding dinosaurs co-existing with human beings:

Top 10: Dinosaur Myths. Click on the "Dinosaur" tag for several articles about them.

Dinosaurs And Humans -- Together? Not A Chance!

--Regarding the mythical story of Noah's Flood:

The Impossible Voyage of Noah's Ark.

Read Richard Freidman's excellent book, Who Wrote the Bible?See especially pages 15-70 for a complete understanding.

--Or, read just one book to get a primer on the facts:

For one scholarly but fairly easy-to-read book on the facts and why Christianity cannot handle them, get Robert Price and Edwin Suominen's one-of-a-kind wonderful book, Evolving out of Eden.

There. I've provided the resources that show why Ken Ham's young earth creationism is ignorant, false and delusional. There are many other books I would like to recommend but these are a start if someone wants to become educated. Of course, he or she would have to know how to read and be willing to do so, but if not I cannot help the. ;-)