Two Conversations With Christians on Facebook

Joshua: Can you prove that there's not a god, cheers

John W. Loftus: Why should you require this in the first place? Such a demand is utterly unreasonable and should be the first sign you are blinded by faith. Can you prove Tom is your father? Can you prove anything? I can show your faith in the God of the Bible has an extremely low probability to it. So here's a challenge. If you are really interested in reading why I think your particular faith is probably false then read my book, God or Godless?If you are unwilling to do that then you are not really interested in my answer. The unwillingness to read that book should also be a sign you are not open-minded and thus blinded by faith.
Darryl: Sorry to see that after your years at GLBC [Great Lakes Bible College], you have left what is right. Nothing more to say John.

John W. Loftus: Hi Darryl, we had some good times at GLBC. I treasure them fondly. I'm sorry to see you living a fantasy my friend. Nonetheless, you and I were indoctrinated at GLBC. I went on to get a much better education and there is no returning to that vomit.

Darryl: sorry you feel that way. Too much evidence that God exists in my life.

John W. Loftus: Darryl, have you read any of my books?

Darryl: no, and I don't care to John.

John W. Loftus: Because you do not have an open mind?

Darryl: Oh I do....but my faith is all I need.

John W. Loftus: Muslims who flew planes into buildings wouldn't have open minds either, ya know.

Darryl: don't put me in that category John.

John W. Loftus: You are in that same category. Like them you were raised to believe and aren't interested in becoming an adult by examining what you were taught. No, you would reject what they did, as I do, but faith is the problem. It's a vice not a virtue.

Darryl: I will have to agree to disagree with you John. Depends on what your faith is in John.

John W. Loftus: Faith changes lives. We know this. But since it doesn't matter what one's faith is in, there is no object to one's faith. Faith works because the person with faith believes it does, just like acupuncture works, just like Scientology works, just like Mormonism works, just like Islam works, and so on to infinity.

Darryl: so we agree faith works, so let me have my faith, and I will let you have yours.