What is Inherent to Christianity That Isn't to Atheism? Hypocrisy

When I was a student at Bob Jones University in 1971, I took the American Red Cross’ Senior Lifesaving course.  One major factor that we were immediately made aware of that could cost a Life Guard his or her life was that a panicked drowning person would grab hold of anything on the surface to save their own life, even if it meant forcing under and drowning an untrained rescuer as the victim attempted to safe their own life.

This analogy is often found playing out here at DC in the comment section when a Christian, struggling to save his or her own belief system, will try and define atheism as a religion held together by faith, just like Christianity.  Thus like the panicked drowning person, Christian believers will try and grab hold of an untrained atheists by wrapping a faith system around any secular attempt to sink their Bible boat.  At this point, believers will mask theology (logic based on God) as philosophy (logic without God) by painting all atheists as really people of faith which is pure fallacy!

For one thing, atheism does not presuppose the supernatural as a basis for all truth, especially a specialized truth dictated by some ancient book which is far removed by time and society from modern reality and must be animated with a flawed logic system called theology  (Theo = god + logy = the study of). 

Secondly, one of the most abused words in the vocabulary of Christian is truth.  Not only does Christianity claim all general truth in the secular world, but then uses the term truth to attack not only other non-Christian religions, but this so-called truth is used to attack other Christian faith systems (theologies) as anyone who has ever been confronted by Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons can testify.  Ironically, for a system grounded in total truth, for Christianity to function in modern society, it has to be protected under special laws much like those afforded to the mental and physical handicapped (but not so for atheism).  Thus, on the one hand, Christianity see itself grounded in Biblical Truth and commissioned by its god(s) to convert the entire world to this exclusive truth, while at the same time, clinging to a secular justice system for protection (not only the US Constitution, but state, county and municipal laws as well . . . as they are declared unconstitutional  by the Supreme Court).

Thirdly, though Christianity demands dependence and totally allegiance (as commanded in the Bible)to its two deities (God and Jesus), they insure their churches with secular (worldly) insurance companies with clauses that protect these ecclesiastical institution from “Acts of God”,  especially fire insurance since, as in the Bible, God can send down “Fire from Heaven” as judgment.  Proof for such hypocrisy can be readily seen in your local churches who preach faith and trust in the Biblical god as a protecting Heavenly Father yet simply looking at any steeple cross one will notice a lightning rod sticking out the cross’ top!

Fourthly, while the Bible is held up as the ultimate Christian foundation for truth, those who have blindly followed its God's commandments in faith have often been held libel in a Civil Court or sentence to prison (or even death) in a Criminal Court.  In other words, a faithful God fearing Bible Believer who IS obedient to God fairs no better in the legal system then the general public or any atheist.

In conclusion, though Christianity is well grounded in its own rhetoric (Biblical claims, internal theology all held together with apologetics) but nothing of religious faith really works for Christians expect hope - that although both the Bible and its god have failed to function in this life (expect in some very subjective (personal) interpretation that would never hold up in court) - Christian believers tenaciously cling to the only thing that can’t be proven as it is placed safely in the future as hope (since the dead don’t speak); Life after Death (of which even their Holy Bible is unclear as to when and where).

 Thus, I would (from the examples presented above) emphatically assign the noun hypocrite to Christianity: 

Christianity claims to be something it’s not in order to get credit for something it doesn't deserve.