Christian, If God is Not Blessing You Then Examine Your Life!

Over the last 40 years while living in the Buckle on the Bible Belt South, I’ve always been fascinated with the excuses preachers give on radio and television explaining why God is not blessing Christians in their “Walk of Faith”.

One thing all explanations have in common; they put 100% of the blame on the believer for God not blessing their life. Remember God’s promises never fail (not because they don't happen), but it’s because the Christian is not doing something right or (and God forbid) there might be hidden sin.

The following are some of the many excuses I’ve heard over the decades as to why God is not blessing a life of faith:

You need to give more.
You need to work harder.
You need to pray more.
You need to trust God more.
You need to praise God more.
You need to sacrifice more.
You need to attend Church more.
You need to take a stand for Christ more.
You need to witnesses more.
You need to prove God by having more faith.
You need to live testimony more.
You need to fast more.
You need to live more of a consecrated life.
You need to have more pure faith.
God is testing you.
God is suffering with you.
Jesus understands your trials and tribulations.
You need to fellowship with the true brethren more.
You need to stop doubting and questioning God’s Holy Word the Bible.

However (in my opinion), if the Christian really wants to prove God’s blessing in their life . . . then they need to lie more! Amen?!

Finally, as one preacher stated last week over our local Gospel station, “Christian, you can’t go to church on Sunday then hang out with the Devil’s Crowd on Monday through Saturday and expect God to bless you.”.  So I got to thinking . . . maybe that’s why God is not blessing Christians at DC (Debunking Christianity) because DC really means the Devil’s Crowd and many Christians tend to "hang out" here.