Agnosticism is Religion’s Friend as the Same Logic that Can’t Disprove God, Can’t Disprove Minerals Have Spirits Either

Think about it. Once religion is forced out of it theological apologetic protective shell, there’s the same credible level of logical proof for the human made world of Gods, angels, devils, demons and other spirits as there is for the human made world of mineral spirits or, to put it another way, both the same printed texts that are used to prove theism is true provides the very same level of proof that a printed label proves real Spirits do exist in a can of mineral spirits .. . . no joke!

Thus if we want to legitimize spirits in the world of religion, then the same human assigned attributes for the existence of any God can just as well be used to justify the "theology" that there are indeed real mineral spirits which are very much alive an active in the world today (even if they are "Odorless"). If one wants to play the age card (that the world of religion has age or ancient texts on its side), then the logic that an age of an idea makes it true can be used to prove the truths of Alchemy, bleeding to heal the sick, lack of any proof for bacteria and viruses (thus bandages can be reused up to and including the Civil War), that women can be witches are all also correct. Logical reality will prove that a God in a book and a Spirit in a can are conjoined logic twins.

In conclusion, the I don’t know and you can’t prove . . . position (at best) leaves the Christian and agnostic worlds in an eternal stalemate. To use another analogy; the agnostic can be perceived much like a de-fanged venomous snake. While agnostics may mentally strike at any dogmatic ideology that confronts them (including even atheists), their use of logic is perceived as neutral at best and cannot be used to disprove either the existence of God(s) in an ancient printed religious text or that Spirits don’t live in labeled solvent cans. We just don't know!