Atheists, Stay Focused On The Goal

I'm concerned that too many atheists are just talking to themselves rather than focusing on the delusions of religious faith. I'm reminded of church all over again. As a former I minister I saw the same phenomena. Christians spend a great deal of time with internal debates that don't address the credibility of their faith before the watching world. Perhaps this is just a reflection on human beings. We belong to communities so we desire to address the concerns of our communities. But never forget that outspoken atheists are outnumbered by believers a thousand to one. As a vocal minority we need to spend much more time addressing the credibility of non-belief before the believing world. Major on the majors and minor on the minors. Keep focused on the goal. It will not do to focus most of our efforts on cleaning house when a massive number of barbarians are at the door. Want the statistics? Then watch Bad News For Atheism? If you agree then please share this far and wide.