Ed Babinski On Evangelical Conversions

The point is that VAST numbers of people don't convert but are simply enculturated into a belief system. The point is that even among those who DO convert, vast numbers convert at an immature age, and/or due to "silly" irrational desires, fears, prejudices, preconceptions. The point is that we know where the conversions fall, statistically speaking, which tells us that the continuance of Evangelical Christianity depends heavily on adolescents who "accept Christ" before they reach the age of 18. And adolescents do not know much about the Bible, history, science, psychology or religion; they are far from having peaked in their acquisition of worldly wisdom; and they are not known for their emotional maturity. Therefore, we have reason to doubt that such "decisions for Christ" are well informed. Yet Evangelical Christianity relies heavily on such decisions in order to continue at all.