An Evangelical Evangelist Titan Faces Death

Billy Graham at 95
Franklin Graham asks for prayers for his father

I can’t think of one national televangelist who didn't end up running their ministry as a family business including Billy Graham.

Thirty years ago I remember Billy Graham announced his pending retirement and the question was quickly asked if his son Franklin would takeover.  Rev. Graham responded "This is God’s ministry and it's God's choice to make, not mine".  Well, let’s see who God chose:  Billy's Son, Franklin Graham to be followed by Franklin’s own son: William Franklin Graham IV.  (Yes, it looks like God sure is not a respecter of persons. (Acts 10: 34)) LOL

Plus, God not only thinks like Billy Graham, but God also thinks like many other national TV evangelists  when retirement comes around (see the list below).  And no wonder!  With their tax free status along with protected speech by the first amendment (preaching for souls who have dollars . . . Oh, I’m sorry  “Seed Faith”), these Family Religion Businesses with their multi-millionaire dollar CEO evangelists are alive and well especially in the religious conservative sections of the United States.  

The following are just a few of today's top evangelist CEO's who have made it into the millionaire status with a few now making it to the billionaire club followed by their family  successor (Ain't God Good):    The late Oral Roberts (Richard Roberts); Pat Robertson (Gordon Robertson); Jimmy Swaggart (Donnie Swaggart and now Donnie’s son, Gabriel); Paul Crouch (Paul Crouch, Jr.); Kenneth Copeland (Wife, Gloria and Daughters . . . sorry, no sons); Robert Schuller (Robert Schuller, Jr.); The late Jerry Farwell (Jonathan Farwell); Charles Stanley (Andy Stanley); John Hagee (Christopher Hagee); and Benny Hinn (brother, Henry Hinn).

So what can you expect?  God had his own son (Jesus) hand picked as his successor.  Hey, it's all in the family.