Dr. Matt McCormick Offers a Serious Blow to William Lane Craig's Credibility

McCormick is a professor of Philosophy for the California State University in Sacramento, CA. He is the author of the best book arguing against the resurrection of Jesus, Atheism And The Case Against Christ.McCormick is developing an online Philosophy of Religion course. In one 33 minute video is a hard-hitting critique of Craig's view of the "Witness of the Holy Spirit." This is top notch stuff.

If you have a Google+ account you can see other videos he has made, right here. They include Swinburne's Argument From Design; Leibniz: This is the Best of All Possible Worlds; Hick: Suffering Builds Moral Character; Introduction to the Problem of Evil; Religion and Morality; Clifford and James on the Ethics of Belief; Confirmation Bias; and What is Atheism?