"Telekinesis" is Now a Reality: The Top Ten Scientific and Religious Discoveries of 2013

Let's do a comparison between science and religion by looking at their top ten discoveries in 2013, okay? Here are the results of last year. First take a look at the top ten scientific advances in 2013, from ListVerse. Pretty impressive, right? "Telekinesis" is now a reality. Now let's consider the top ten religious discoveries in 2013:

Pretty unimpressive, eh?

Science continues to advance while religion continues to retreat. Every year science makes new discoveries while religion has stalled and stopped scientific progress so many times it would make our heads hurt to recount them all. And it's a lie to claim Christianity produced science, a reoccurring theme among deluded believers. A lie. Just read Richard Carrier's excellent chapter on this in The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails.

When comparing religion to science believers must therefore tell us why they deny science in favor of their ancient pre-scientific holy books only in those rare areas where they conflict. I'm all ears for them tell us.

Faith doesn't discover anything. It has no method. Religion is based on superstition, ANCIENT superstition. So what reason do people of faith have for denying the results of science like they do, especially when they accept it's results in a vast number of areas except those rare ones that conflict with their faith? I see no reason to place faith above science like this at all. And yet all believers do this, at least in some areas.