Two New Bible Movies Hit the Theaters for 2014

Tonight I decided to see Lone Survivor which is an excellent movie about an ill-fated mission by Navy SEALs in Afghanistan (Highly Violent). As usual before the main movie, our sold out theater watched about six movie trailers for forth coming titles in 2014. Among the secular titles; I was intrigued to see two trailers for upcoming Biblical movies.

The first was Noah     (In Theaters March 28, 2014)

From what little I saw, Hollywood went all out in super special effects and unlike the second Biblical movie, its “Genre: Drama, Epic and Historical” with Russell Crowe as Noah.


The second was Son of God    (In Theaters 02/28/2014)

This movie differed from the first in that it seem to have very few special effects of the Noah movie nor did it have a big name actor playing Jesus. Moreover, unlike the Noah movie with a Genre categorized as “Drama, Epic and Historical”, this forth coming Jesus movie had a "Genre: Drama".

Sadly, as often for people of faith, it’s likely these two Hollywood movies will be as close as many will ever get to the Biblical text.