"Here it Comes" I Sent The Manuscript To Prometheus Books Today

This clip from "The Wrath of Khan" expresses my thoughts as I ponder the impact of our new anthology, "Christianity is Not Great: How Faith Fails."

No violence is intended. It's purely metaphorical. We do battle against ideas though. ;-)

Prometheus Books is the premier atheist publisher of our generation and I'm happy to be a PB author/editor. Below is the official description of the book and finalized Table of Contents:

Prometheus Books New Releases – October 14, 2014
Religion / Skepticism

Christianity Is Not Great:

How Faith Fails

Edited by John W. Loftus
ISBN 978-1-61614-956-7    / ebook ISBN 978-1-61614- 957-4
520 pages  /  TR / $20.00 US / $21.00 CA / ebook $11.99
In this third volume of his critically acclaimed anthology series critiquing Christianity, John Loftus—a former minister and now a leading atheist spokesperson—has once again brought together an outstanding group of respected scholars who focus on the harms caused by the world’s leading religion.

In part one, the contributors dissect the many problematic aspects of religious faith. They repeatedly demonstrate that, with faith as a foundation, almost anything can be believed or denied. And almost any horrific deed can be committed.

In parts two through four, the authors take a good hard look at many of the most important political, institutional, scientific, social, and moral harms committed in the name of Christianity. These range from the historical persecutions of the Inquisition and witch hunts to the current health hazards of faith healing.

In the final part the authors answer three common Christian retorts to criticisms from nonbelievers: (1) that atheists cannot judge a harmful action without an objective moral standard; (2) that atheists need faith to solve the world’s problems; and (3) that atheists cannot live a good life without faith.

Loftus and the contributors generally conclude that, given both the well-documented historical record and ongoing problems raised by the faith, Christianity decisively fails empirical tests of its usefulness to humanity.

Table of Contents:

1) Religious Violence and the Harms of Christianity, by John W. Loftus

Part One: How Faith Fails:

2) The Failure of the Church and the Triumph of Reason, by Robert G. Ingersoll

3) The Folly of Faith: The Incompatibility of Science and Christianity, by Victor J. Stenger

4) Faith, Epistemology, and Answering Socrates’ Question by Translation, by Peter Boghossian

Part Two: Political/Institutional Harms:

5) Love Your Enemy, Kill Your Enemy: Crusades, Inquisitions, and Centuries of Christian Violence, by David Eller

6) Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live: The Wicked Christian Witch Hunts, by John W. Loftus

7) They Will Make Good Slaves and Christians: Christianity, Colonialism, and the Destruction of Indigenous People, by David Eller

8) The Slave is the Owner’s Property: Christianity and the Savagery of Slavery, by John W. Loftus

9) Christianity and the Rise of American Democracy, by Richard Carrier

Part Three: Scientific Harms:

10) The Dark Ages, by Richard Carrier

11) The Christian Abuse of the Sanctity of Life, by Ronald A. Lindsay

12) The Gender Binary & LGBTI People: Religious Myth and Medical Malpractice, by Veronica Drantz

13) Christianity Can Be Hazardous to Your Health, by Harriet Hall

14) Christianity and the Environment, by William R. Patterson

15) Doth God Take Care For Oxen?: Christianity’s Acrimony against Animals, by John W. Loftus

Part Four: Social & Moral Harms:

16) The Christian Right and the Culture Wars, by Ed Brayton

17) Woman, What Have I To Do With Thee?: Christianity’s War Against Women, by Annie Laurie Gaylor

18) Secular Sexuality: A Direct Challenge to Christianity, by Darrel W. Ray

19) The Crazy-Making in Christianity, by Marlene Winell and Valerie Tarico

20) Abusive Pastors and Churches, by Nathan Phelps

Part Five: Morality, Atheism and a Good Life

21) “Tu Quoque, Atheism?” - Our Right to Judge, by Jonathan Pearce

22) Only Humans Can Solve the Problems of the World, by James A. Lindsay

23) Living Without God, by Russell Blackford
Christians will want to consider how to best deal with it, so I'll offer some suggestions. ;-)