How to Deconvert / Deprogram a Christian with Two Simple Demands

1. Demand textual proof that any verse of the Old Testament was written before 200 BCE. (There's 23,145 verses to prove them right or wrong.)

2. Demand historical proof (apart from using the New Testament to prove the New Testament) that Jesus Christ existed. (Let's see absolute truth prove itself.)

However, you'll need to educate yourself on real facts so you won’t have to accept a statement of faith from a person of faith or having your ignorance countered by the ignorance of faith. Read widely here on DC. It’s free and we don’t need your tithes and offerings.

Finally, if they don’t give you textual or historical proof for the above, then demand answers every time you see them or do as I have done. I’ll invite a church member along their pastor out to a free lunch (on me) if the church member will simply listen while I question their minister and he questions me. It works!

Happy deprogramming.