Oh Dear, I'm a "Union Buster"

I was told in response to this post regarding creation vs evolution debates:
We should be presenting a united front. I'm coming to see guys like you and Bill Nye as union-busters, the sort of people who will cross a picket line.
Well now, just because I have a different opinion doesn't make me a union buster. There are many atheists who agree with my arguments. Almost every atheist has a different opinion about an atheist consensus sometime, so we're all union busters, if there is a union in the first place. Apart from non-belief itself, and along with it the arguments against religion in general, name me one consensus among atheists and I could find some atheists who disagree with it. So? Majorities SHOULD listen to minorities to keep them honest. I do all of the time. But no one should adopt the position of the majority on any issue just because it's the majority. Moreover, as far as I can tell, scientists don't have any better expertise on what changes the religious landscape just because they are scientists than I do. That is a philosophical or strategic kind of question not based on science itself. It's a question about how we can best change the minds of believers, how to get them to trust science over their holy books, and I think I do have some expertise on that. It's my specialty.