Attributes of the Christian God with the Trinity Made Simple

The Trinity (the illogical) Simplified 
(Or how to get away with calling polytheism monotheism.) 

The following is an alphabetical listing of all the divine attributes of God taken from an article on Wiki. This list proves that if given a Bible, for a Christian there's no limit to what theology can create from nothing. Even with all the following attributes God is endowed with, He can be compared to a toddler with a load of shit in his pants; logically God still stinks!       1. Aseity  2. Graciousness  3. Holiness 4.Immutability 5. Impassibility  6. Impeccability 7. Incorporeality  8. Incomprehensibility 9. Infinity 10. Jealousy 11. Love 12. Mission 13. Omnipotence 14. Omnipresence  15. Omniscience 16. Oneness 17. Providence 18. Righteousness 19. Simplicity 20. Sovereignty 21. Transcendence 22.Trinity 23. Veracity  24. Wrath