Ernest Angley’s Personal 747SP Jet: “100% of Your Money Goes to Spread the Gospel.

"Star Triple Seven is the fulfillment of a promise that God gave Rev. Angley many years ago. A miracle of God provided the finances for this beautiful Boeing 747SP, and its only missions are to win souls for the Lord."    Video of the 747SP from Angley's website. (Scroll down to video)

Ernest Angley's 747SP (formerly owned by the  Saudi Royal Family) has a luxury custom interior that has been totally upgraded for the 93 year old Rev. Angley's personal needs.  For tax purposes, the plane is registered in Aruba.

Cockpit crew
3 (2 pilots, flight engineer)
Seating capacity
331 (28 first, 303 economy)
Overall length
184 ft 9 in (56.31 m)
195 ft 8 in (59.64 m)
Wing area
5,500 ft² (511 m²)
Overall height
65 ft 10 in (20.06 m)
Operating empty weight
336,870 lb (152,780 kg)
Maximum take-off weight
670,000 lb (304,000 kg)
Engine models (x 4)
Engine thrust (x 4)
46,500 lbf (206.8 kN)
Maximum speed
0.92 Mach (591 knots, 1,095 km/h)
Cruising speed
0.88 Mach (535 knots, 990 km/h)
Service ceiling
45,100 ft (13.75 km)
Maximum range
6,650 nmi (12,320 km; 7,650 mi)
with 276 passengers + baggage
Fuel capacity
50,360 US gal (190,600 l)