Faith in God and Jesus Now Superseded in Independent Baptist Churches by the King James Bible

 In 1974 I was Licensed to Preach (one step below Ordination) at an Independent Baptist Church (not associated with the Southern Baptist Convention) near Salem, SC.  There I filled the pulpit, taught Sunday school, lead the youth, and served as a guest evangelist at other Baptist churches. That same year I was a junior Bible Major at Southern Wesleyan University heading for seminary and spiritually on top of my  Independent Baptist world considering myself “Ordained by God, but not yet by man.” until I committed the unpardonable sin; I criticized the King James Bible (Yes it’s true . . .God forbid).  
It all started with an article in the local news paper 37 years ago and posted last year here at DC:  Remembering My First Article on Debunking the Bible: Sept. 14, 1977

Later that year, I was asked to teach the adult Sunday school class.  On the first day teaching the class, a lady asked me how we got the King James Bible to which I replied that the New Testament’s original language was Greek with Hebrew consider the original language for the Old Testament.  Two other adults objected, stating that Jesus used the King James Bible (KJB) and not some “perversion”.  I replied that the King James Bible was translated into English in 1611 or about 1,611 years after the birth of Jesus.  Immediately, several adults walked out and went straight to the pastor.

During the evening worship service, the pastor said he wanted to meet with all adult members of my Sunday school class and all the deacons after the service while I was asked to wait outside.  After thirty minutes, the lady that had asked me the question about the King James Bible came out crying got in her car and left.  Next, a deacon came out and told me that he, along with another deacon and the pastor, would meet with me at my house Tuesday evening to discuss the situation.  As I waited, everyone left but the pastor who would not come out of the church, so I went in.  He told me he wanted to discuss the church’s action with me Tuesday with the deacons present to which I replied I wanted to know what was wrong.  He told me that “You’ll not attack the King James Bible in this church and get away with it!”  I asked him how I was "attacking the KJB"?  He said my opinions were simply opinions and not the truth! This would be discussed Tuesday and not now.  I told him to “Forget Tuesday, I’m out of here.”  
Lest anyone think this was an isolated event 37 years ago, then you should reconsider by clicking on this website.   (Check out the churches in your state to the left.)  Here you’ll find listed some 6,345 churches (mostly in the U.S.) that accept only the King James Bible! (Notice, for each church listed; first is the pastor’s name, and then the initials “KJB” meaning the only Bible accepted at this church is the King James Bible.)    
Thus, it doesn’t matter if you profess faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  If you bring any version of the Bible (including the Greek New Testament, as I once did) to a  KJB only Independent Baptist Church, you'll stand condemned as a heretic using a “satanic perversion”.

Doctrinally, I propose that the Trinity be expanded to:  God the Father; God the Son; God the Holy Spirit and God the King James Bible.