In His Apologetic Book Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth, Bart Ehrman Shares His Faith in Jesus With Atheists

Topic for discussion:  Bart Ehrman’s faith in Jesus
Bart Ehrman (in this YouTube debates, lectures and especially in his 2013 book) clearly states that he believes in Jesus . . . that Jesus existed (getting his “facts” from textual evidence of faith: The Bible, Patristic sources (along two short paragraphs from Josephus)), but mostly by using the New Testament to prove the New Testament.

Moreover, as a believer in Jesus (notice I did not use the term Christ), Ehrman's apologetic book attacks non-believer such has atheists Robert Price and Richard Carrier for their lack of faith in Jesus.  However, unlike Robert M. Grant (Carl Darling Buck Professor Emeritus of Humanities and of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of Chicago) whose book, Second-Century Christianity:  A Collection of Fragments, 2nd ed. (Louisville, Westminster Press, 2003) cannot locate the name Jesus in any second century Pagan Witnesses, Bart Ehrman seems to find Jesus everywhere!
Thus, based on the type and kind of textual evidence used; how does Bart Ehrman not have faith in Jesus? 

Up Date:  Ehrman tells NPR (National Public Radio) why the world needs his Jesus: 

When Raz asks Ehrman about his relationship to Jesus, Ehrman says that most of it is very historical but that Jesus teaches us valuable lessons.
"Jesus' teachings of love, and mercy and forgiveness, I think, really should dominate our lives," he says. "On the personal level, I agree with many of the ethical teachings of Jesus and I try to model my life on them, even though I don't agree with the apocalyptic framework in which they were put."