Is the Outsider Test for Faith Circular?

I have defended the OTF extensively in my book, The Outsider Test for Faith: How to Know Which Religion Is True.I claim it's the only reasonable non-double standard for testing whether a particular religion is true. If you think your religion is true you should read it.

It's not the fault of a reasonable test if it shows us that something is false. No reasonable test is de facto circular just because it shows a truth claim to be false. So, it's not the fault of the OTF if no religion passes the test either. My critics cannot say the OTF presupposes its own conclusion just because it appears to show all religious truth claims to be false (whether it does is left up for debate). It just might be the case that all religions are false. People who reject the OTF as circular are therefore rejecting the OTF simply because it appears to show their religious faith is false. They must show the OTF to be faulty in some other way.