God Fearing, Christ Honoring, Bible Believing Christianity is the Best Truth for Atheism

Faith is a side show of Christianity; it’s a cheap no cost entry level into a religion that promises miracles for true believers, but only if they are totally obedient to true doctrine founded on the absolute truth from the Word of God.

Absolute truth as stated directly by Jesus himself assures believers that even a small amount of faith can cast a mountain into the sea (Mark 11:23, Matt. 21:21); that whatever a believes asks in Jesus' name will be done (John 14: 13 -14); all future believes' miracles will exceed that of even Jesus himself (John 14: 12); all prayer will be answered (James 5: 16); miracles will follow all believes (Mark 16: 15 – 18); with the very claim for performing miracles is guaranteed by Jesus himself to the extend that even lukewarm Christians will still be able to perform these miracles even if they are bound for an eternity in Hell (Matt. 7: 15 – 23).

In light of Jesus’ claims of absolute truth of which all believers can and will do miracles, Christian sects such as the well known Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientists), to the lesser know Followers of Christ and now The Church of Wells all continue a life of total devotion and prayer have proven the New Testament to be a fraud time after time.

This link is to the newest Christian sect known as The Church of Wells which claims to be “the only church in America practicing true Biblical Christianity”. Yet the lies of Jesus cost them the death of a baby simply because the believing parents had honest faith and sincere belief in the World of God.

In conclusion:
While Christian apologists are skilled in using logic to defend the lies and empty promises of Jesus (and the Bible as a whole), it’s sadly the sincere believer that has swallowed an idea labeled  salvation that now will caused them to sacrifice their very lives out of love and obedience for a wicked and evil promise known as Biblical Christianity.