James East Responds to John Dickson's "Top 10 Tips For Atheists"

Dr. John Dickson is co-director of the Centre for Public Christianity. He has a PhD in ancient history and is a Senior Research Fellow with the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University, where he teaches in the MA in Early Christian and Jewish Studies program. Recently he offered his top 10 list of tips for atheists. In it he tells us what he thinks atheists are doing wrong in debates with Christians. Dr. James East of Skeptic Ink Network responded excellently to each of his tips.

Here's one example. Dickson's first tip is for atheists to deal with the Christian "sophisticated literary trail of reasons for the Faith." East responded in part by saying something I've wondered about as well:
I think Dickson and many other “public Christians” are guilty of exactly the same thing. They speak out against the Dawkinses and Krausses of the world, rather than tackling leading atheist philosophers such as Graham Oppy, Theodore Drange and Quentin Smith, to name just a few. Christians devote entire websites to attacking The God Delusion, yet seem to completely ignore books like Why I Became an Atheist,in which John Loftus absolutely does engage with Plantinga, Craig and company, very successfully I think. And then there are classics such as Oppy’s Arguing About Gods, Sobel’s Logic and Theism, and so many more. LINK.