The Top Ten Worst Atheist Books

Okay, I've been prompted to write this post due to Jeff Lowder's lists of the worst atheist debaters . Up until this time I have never written such a post. See what you think:

I see no purpose in this exercise now that I have your attention. So unlike Lowder I will not do the same thing he does when it comes to debates. Here you can see his list for yourselves. I have never written a similar post about atheist authors (my specialty, if I have one), and I won't. How could I know which books are the worst ones anyway? I have not read them all. What purpose would it serve, except to showcase a self-serving arrogance as an atheist author against other atheist authors, and to hurt them?

This has something to do with me, of course, but his posts alerted me to something larger than the fact he listed one of my debates. The major problem with his listing of the best and worst debates, the fatal one, is the lack of objectivity. I think in all fairness and honestly Lowder should not list what he considers the worst atheist debaters and/or debate performances because of this. It does no good to admit his lists are not objective either (which he does). Behind all of these names are real people. There is nothing constructive in them, nothing positive. He doesn't take us through any of these debates showing how they could be bettered so we can learn from him, if he has some good constructive thoughts to say. He just lists a few selected ones. I call upon him to cease doing this with regard to debates until he can demonstrate his lists are objective, which he cannot do. Lowder should apologize to us all too.

By contrast as you can see from the link, Lowder proclaims he's one of the best atheist debaters, even though there is only one online debate we can watch for ourselves where he bested an ignoramus years ago. Geez, that's proof isn't it? Notice, this isn't a list of the best atheist debate performances, but the best atheist debaters. Based on what? Based on one debate performance in most cases. It is definitely self-serving. [Edit: Lowder changed the title to his post due to this post of mine].

Lowder thinks debates are important. Many others don't. I'll keep on writing and editing books. That's where the real debates take place. Perhaps if he was writing and editing books he might change his tune and think like most of us, that the real debates take place in them.

Now granted, I did not do well in my debate with Dinesh D'Souza. But why single it out when I have had four public debates? I take it as a slap in the face because he cannot show me wrong in anything else I have had a dispute with him about. Just see the tag with his name below.

Finally, I'm still looking for and not getting any response from him as to his academic credentials. Maybe if he responds he will tell us. He should.