Are You a Reasonable Christian? Do You Really Have Faith?

Richard Dawkins is a really good wordsmith and he wrote a very nice blurb for my soon to be released anthology, Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails.He wrote, “John Loftus knows from the inside what’s wrong with Christianity. Few people are better qualified to explain to those still in its clutches why they’d do well to leave, and he has assembled a fine team of colleagues to assist him in doing so. This book should convert a high proportion of those with the courage to read it.”

What intrigues me is that he says it takes courage to read such a book. Courage. I like that. I know of Christians who do not have the courage to read books like this one. I keep asking them "what do you have to lose?" Seriously. Wouldn't any reasonable person want to examine his or her faith by reading books from people who don't believe, just to see if there are any good reasons not to believe? If your faith survives then you will have a stronger faith. So, do you want a stronger faith or not? If your faith doesn't survive then wouldn't any reasonable person want to know?

Typically most Christians will only read Christian apologetic responses to books like this one. This is a lazy way to investigate your faith, representing no effort at all. Think on this. When you prepare to vote in an election do you only listen to what campaign headquarters for one candidate says without checking into the rebuttals of the other campaign? You shouldn't. Those running a particular campaign have a vested interest in getting their candidate elected. They are spin doctors if needed. They have a one track mind. They cannot see a middle ground. So I invite Christians who don't read atheist books to read this one. Try it. Even your God, the one who supposedly created reason, would be pleased you're willing to investigate your faith by fearing nothing. If you fear, that is a sign you don't have enough faith.