Secular Leaders Online Classes Now Available

Dr. John Shook is heading this project, which you can be read about right here. Classes available for June include:

The Science and Philosophy of Free Will, with Richard Carrier.

Sexual and Gender Diversity, with Julia Hemphill and Greta Christina.

Sean Faircloth on Defending Secular Government: Strategies for Success.

God’s Not Dead? How an Unscripted Philosopher can Disprove God, with Dan Fincke.

The Founding Fathers and Religion, with Myron Jackson with Sean Faircloth.

Does Morality Need God? A Christian and an Atheist Debate, with John Shook and David Baggett. [This one should be good!]

Dr. Shook is also doing a series of excellent "Humanist Matters" videos which can be viewed here.

Soon I'll be teaching one of these classes and doing a "Humanist Matters" video, so stay tuned.