Three More Blurbs for "Christianity is Not Great"

I've previously mentioned that Richard Dawkins and David Mills wrote blurbs for my new anthology, Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails.Here are three more in the order I received them:


Americans are constantly told to believe that faith is a virtue, even when evidence of the opposite surrounds us all the time. In Christianity Is Not Great, John Loftus and his panel of experts explore evidence of that in a variety of areas: Politics, Science, Morality, and more. Loftus teaches us that the problem isn't just a fringe group of religious people; the problem is faith itself. And the sooner we can break free from its grasp, the more enlightened and fulfilling our life will be.

--Hemant Mehta, editor of


Philosophers of religion tend to focus on whether religious claims are true and, if so, how beliefs in such claims can be justified. They tend to spend much less time on whether such beliefs are good, harmful, or a combination of both. In Christianity Is Not Great, John Loftus and his contributors defend a modest claim: Christianity causes real harm. What makes this book so valuable is its catalog of the numerous ways in which Christianity can be (and has been) harmful. Anyone who wants to learn more about the harms of Christianity needs to read this book.

--Jeffery Jay Lowder, co-founder and President Emeritus, Internet Infidels, and co-editor of The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave.


Rich food for thought, not only for evangelical apologists and conservative believers, but also for those for whom faith is failing or has already failed.

--Graham Oppy, Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean of Research at Monash University who serves as Associate Editor of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and serves on the editorial boards of Philo, Philosopher's Compass, Religious Studies, and Sophia. He is the author of Arguing about Gods.


I'm expecting a few more blurbs which I'll update as they come in. I am extremely excited and humbled the book is generating recommendations from these people.

We'll be working on the galleys with our copyeditor this month. Then off to the printer it goes in July for an October 7th availability date.