How A Doctorate in Bible or Christianity Can Stop Scholastic Objectivity

So you decided to go for the big one  . . . that earned doctorate in Christian studies; you know the one that is suppose to prove to the world you really know the real objective truth behind the Christian tradition.  You strongly believe that that a doctorate demands respect in the religion field, especially in Christianity.  Though you know that many churches have signs stating that the minister is Rev. Dr. Egghead, but your earned PhD will vindicate you as a master of objective truth. 
The choice is yours to make!  All you need to decide if it will be a PhD in Old Testament, New Testament, Patristics, the History of Christianity or maybe even Theology or Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.  But you also know in order to get from point A (no degree) to B (undergraduate) to point C (graduate degrees) there’s the little known denominational schools teaching their dogmatic traditions, than there’s those big private ivy league universities that demands the world to, “Look at me! I’m the person you’ll want to teach.”  Well, if you going to do it, why not do it right and not take any Christian support that might compromise you educational position, so you go private.

However, there’s one major problem in today’s college and university degree programs apart from earning that diploma; that's paying for it!  No, I’m not talking about that quickie diploma mills, but the established accredited schools that demand their money up front at the start of the semester or out the door you go and you can take that honest and sincere objectively truth quest with you.
But this is not you!  You've got scholarships and Federal Student Loans that will get you up and running with that doctorate (but do you)?  The debt devil is there waiting and watching as you rack up required courses based on “credit hours” which now range anywhere from $340 at Bob Jones University (which Is not accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges) to the University of Chicago at $3,749 per course per quarter.  But to really get the most out of you educational experience, you've decided to stay on campus were you can hobnob with the professors; you know, your mentors . . . even your own very special "Prof"; the one who appears to you to have his religious act together and the one you want to be like. 
This luxury comes in added expenses called “Room and Board” . . . Oh, did I mention those super high price text books (often the one your professor wrote and requires you to buy), healthcare insurance and other various fees and expenses from a parking decal that can cost $75.00 per semester to internet connections.  But hey, can you put a price on the truth? You know this and you have resolved to go for the Big One; that doctorate in one of the many fields of Christian Studies uncompromised by studying at a major accredited private university!
Now let’s consider your tuition demons starting off with a Religious Studies Program degree from Furman University (Private)  Annually:  Tuition, Room and Board with other fees per year: $56,570.00 (Textbooks not included)  At the current Furman price to get that four year degree in Religious Studies you’ll need to layout at least: $226, 280.
 OK, you've now got that (mostly useless) Bachelor's degrees required in Religious Studies (or another field), but you’re moving up and there's no time to look back.
Now you’ll need a Masters degree and you know this could make or break your doctoral admission at a good university so you put your money on Harvard Divinity School
Harvard Divinity School  offers a master degree that will run you $50,550 per year including tuition, room and board (less any textbooks).  A masters program at HDS can last 2 years for the Master of Theological Studies to three years for a Master of Divinity.  Thus your Masters degree will cost your anywhere from $101,100 to $151,650. 

Yes, you've had to spend some money, but you know you can't put a price on the truth.
Finally, you’re ready for the big one  . . .the degree of all degrees.  The one ultimate degree you have spent from 5 to 7 years studying for and (fortunately) you have not only chosen a great school, but been accepted at the University of Chicago!  Here you can spend time in both the Divinity School and the Oriental Institute
Your PhD at Chicago will last from four to five years where tuition, room and board including other expenses (such as books and insurance included ) will run $92,496 a year meaning a complete doctoral education in four years (hey, you’re smart and you academically pushed yourself) will set you back $369,984. 
Now at last, you are fully academically equipped to teach the objective truth about the Bible or the Christian tradition you've dreamed about having used up all your grants and student loans to go first-class with all private university education from Furman, Harvard, and the University of Chicago only to face the reality of those tuition demons once more:
Furman University Bachelors degree Debt:  $226,280 (Four years)
Harvard Divinity School Masters degree:  $101,100 (Let's say you got your MTS in two years)
University of Chicago Doctorate in four years: $369,984 
Your total educational bill is now at $697,064.00 or just under three quarters of a million dollars for three degrees in religion you can be proud of!
However, along the way, you have acquired a wife (who is a a non-income homemaker) and have two children.  Ironically, the only jobs openings seem to be at conservative Christian universities and seminaries (which like professors from large private universities that give credence to the school's religious dogmas (if you are lucky enough to find a full time teaching position)), but these schools  require a signed yearly doctrinal statement affirming the historical dogmatic "truths" of the Christian faith.  Hey, it's a job and the tuition loan demons are really hopping!  So you swallow your pride and accept the position.  

In consideration of the above facts:
  A.  How likely would you be to stand objectively and teach critically the facts about either the Bible or Christian theology (or how likely will you be glad to kiss any doctrinal ass just to keep your job)? 
   B.  How clear does the Christian objective truth now look to you  (presently you are heavily in debt with a family to support and you're lucky to have landed a job in the field of you doctoral studies)?
  C. How likely will you be to stay open and objective about what you've learned in your expensive academic education or how likely will you be forced to write and sell apologetic books on the Bible and Christianity; attacking any person who threatens your teaching career? 
        D.  How likely would you be to say the Hell with subjective dogmas!  I want to be like Hector Avalos, Robert Price, Bart Ehrman or Richard Carrier?