Instantly Turn Any Object into God with a Simple Formula

Now you can choose your own God.  Simply pick any ancient object; then substitute this object everywhere in the Bible you find either the words Lord or God.  Next, support your substitution apologetically and, voila!   You’ll have a deified God Object no atheist can debunk.  Try it . . . it works!  Here’s the formula  you’ll need to create your own personal God Object:
Given G + A = L

G is any General Ancient Object.
A is any Apologetic Defense you want to cook up. (WL Craig can help you here.)
L is a Logical Reason that G once did and is still functioning in the metaphysical.
Example:  Let’s use Stone Mountain, Ga. for G.
Stone Mountain created the world and was worshiped by the Israelites.  The fact that Stone Mountain does not appear to be functioning today means totally nothing because the Bible says it did and still is spiritually active (just ask the people who visit the summit).  
(For Jesus, simply substitute G with P which is any Ancient Personality: Real or Mythical)  

Its wholesome fun the whole family will enjoy!