A Simple Question Addressed to Christian Apologists on the Use of Josephus to Prove a Historical Jesus

Fact 1: Josephus' time distance from the earliest texts we have of Genesis (Those from Qumran dated from 250 - 200 BCE) and the time he wrote his Judean Antiquities (JA) in 94 CE  is about 334 to 294 years.

Fact 2: The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with a talking snake (Fact is, Josephus thought all animals could talk, “At that point in time when all the creatures spoke the same language, a serpent, living together with Adam and his wife felt Jealous . . ."  JA 1:41) is totally unique and was ONLY recorded first by Jews in the Torah text of Genesis. Josephus believed Genesis 3 to be fully historical. 

Fact 3: Josephus' time distance from the life of Jesus (considering he existed and died anywhere from 27 to 33 CE) and the time he wrote is about 67 to 61 years.

 Fact 4: The story of Jesus is totally unique and ONLY recorded in the four Gospel accounts. Apart from Josephus, there is entirely no historical reference to Jesus ever having existed prior to 200 CE (Christianity, but not Jesus). If not interpolated by a Christian, The Testimonium Flavianum (JA 18, 3:3), as well as the section on James (JA 20, 9: 1) are recorded in the very same work of Josephus in which he considered the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to be factual and historical.

Question to Christian Apologists:  Based on the four above facts, how can Josephus and his Judean Antiquities be used to prove a Historical Jesus and not at the same time a historical account of the Eden story with its talking snake in Genesis 3?

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