Al Blazo Highly Recommends "Christianity is Not Great"

I met Al Blazo at the PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference a few months ago. He was one of the organizers, a passionate man dedicated to changing the religious landscape, one of the unsung heroes for reason and science. He sent me a note highly recommending Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails.
I just wanted to say it is a terrific work. Thanks so much for bringing all those voices together in one handy book. I think the book is mis-titled though. Instead of "Christianity is Not Great: How Faith Fails" it should be: "Christianity is Not Great: Here's the Proof." As Dawkins said at the top of the front cover, it will change a lot of minds for those who "have the courage to read it." For certain. Anyone who could read the anthology and still wish to remain identified with the death cult that calls itself "Christian" is either brain dead or an apologist.