An Excellent Example of Ridicule!

James Lindsay said theism is done, won't last into the future. Victor Reppert responded by saying a bit sarcastically: "Oh yeah, theism is losing adherents, it's down to 74% in the latest Harris poll." Then Lindsay, well, ya gotta read this short play:

A short play:
Fool: The craft is definitely sinking, sir. We are falling steadily and have been for some time.
Victor: Nonsense! Are we not still aloft?
Fool: Yes, sir, we are, but...
Victor: No but! Are our engineers not still manning the engines of our mighty craft?
Fool: Yes, sir, but... But it appears we have lost our only source of lift, and we're gliding ever downward. We are going to crash.
Victor: Nonsense! Insubordination!
Victor: [checks altitude gauge]
Victor: Our altitude is at 74%! How can we be crashing, Fool?!
Fool: Sir, we have no means of generating lift. We've been dropping steadily...
Victor: Nonsense! As long as the craft is an inch above the ground, we're still flying!
Fool: Yes sir! I'll rearrange the deck chairs, then, shall I?
Victor: Yes, and take mine away from the window. I grow weary of looking outside.
Fool: Yes sir!