The Dalai Lama: Buddha, God and a Lying Hypocrite

His Holiness: Dalai Lama
It has been said that criticizing the Dalai Lama has been equated to shooting Bambi. After all, this perceived harmless Tibetan religious leader, living in exile since 1959, has been awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1959; the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize; the Christmas Humphreys in 2005; the 2007 Congressional Gold Medal from the U. S. Government and the 2012 Templeton Prize. As noted on his website, “His Holiness has traveled to more than 67 countries spanning 6 continents. He has received over 150 awards, honorary doctorates, prizes, etc., in recognition of his message of peace, non-violence, inter-religious understanding, universal responsibility and compassion. He has also authored or co-authored more than 110 books” ( A Brief Bibliography )

So it would seem, on the surface that criticism of this Asian theocratic leader would be a great injustice. Besides, the internet is full of apparently wonderful spiritual quotes from this divine figure .

I originally knew almost nothing about the Dalai Lama nor had I formed an opinion either way as to who he was and what he stood for. However, that changed when a follower of the Dalai Lama posted a file on my Facebook page and explained in his comment that all atheists could learn a lot from this living Buddha / God on how to understand ourselves though religion or that somehow all atheists should strive to be simply spiritual theists or, at least, a type of agonistic who sees the need for religion to be a vital part of their lives. After all, both Buddhism and God are integrated terms of the religious world and he could sure help us!

My main problem with the Dalai Lama is honesty and consistency; honestly in that what he preaches about the unity of all religions can be taken at face value and consistency . . . that which he which he personally claims to stand for has been a lifelong pursuit, but on issue of gay rights, the Dalai Lama seems to harbor a double standard . . . one private of condemning them and another public, that of acceptance.

Another problem I have with this religious aristocrat is that he has never worked in his entire life (he was chosen as the 14th Dalai Lama when he was just two years old, (his religious name: Tenzin Gyatso)). As a self-imposed exile, he has been a labeled favorite “lap dog” of many western governments, especially those at odds with Communist China who see him as a tool to focus attention on this former hardline communist nation, even though the Dalai Lama was himself deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for ten years (1954 – 1964) of the Chinese Communist Party.

Before the Chinese Communist invasion in 1951, Tibet was caste based feudal society ruled by rich land owning Lamas who were themselves ruled over in both religion and politics by a high Lama or one of the Dalia Lamas, especially the thirteenth and fourteenth Dalia Lamas.

At the Chinese Communist invasion in 1951, Tibet had roughly 6,000 Buddhist monasteries. The peasants were ruled under harsh laws many of which many were derived from the Qur’an such as the cutting off of a hand for stealing. Those on the lowest rung of the sociality were required to carry the Lamas on their backs as these elite were above walking leaving many peasants in humped over state due to spine damage and a poor diet. ( Dalai Lama Cult: Postmodern Neo-feudalism and the Decline of the West

“The Communists quickly abolished slavery and serfdom in their traditional forms. They also claim to have reduced taxes, unemployment, and beggary, and to have started work projects. They established secular schools, thereby breaking the educational monopoly of the monasteries, and they constructed running water and electrical systems in Lhasa.” (Again see:

Yet, until his exile including his use as a CIA pawn against China, the 14th Dalia Lama made no reforms and was content to live a life of ease and luxury off human suffering based on his Buddhist theology of reality and nirvana. In fact, the present Dalia Lama has been criticized by the late Christopher Hitchens for hypocritically espousing open tolerance of all religions while attacking the worship of a non-Buddhist deity in Tibet. Hitchens notes also that the Dalai Lama had an association with Shoko Asahara, the leader of a Japanese religious cult that spread poisonous nerve gas in the Tokyo subway system and accepted a large donation from Asahara's group.

As politician who has basically been given a city to rule over in exile in Dharmsala, India, the Dalai Lama, even as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was in in full support of the spread of nuclear weapons and now has instituted in India the same religious intolerance on another Buddhist religion he had in Tibet. ( See: Why is the Dalai Lama Lying? )

This rascal is worse than a prosperity Tel-evangelist when it comes to ranking in the money. If you want to be one of the thousand who adore this god on earth wisdom teacher and you want to hear him firsthand, than make sure god or Buddha has blessed your checking account because as they say, he ain’t cheap! For instance, one seat at his talk at the Beacon Theatre in New York City this past Nov. 3 – 4 2014 will set you back $86.20 for a humble seat in the far rear of the auditorium to $369.60 for a seat up front near his Holiness.

However, if you happen to be a poor Indian living in or near Dharmsala, as a kiss ass measure to the Indian government who allow him to govern the city, the Dalia Lama will let you into a lecture for free provided you can walk the distance and, hopefully, without carrying a Lama on your back!

The Dalai Lama’s greed has been noted by James Snell in The Libertarian: “My issue is that this imperfect primate sees it as his right to travel the world with lapdog celebrities and a fundraising bandwagon in tow, and to preach about how he deserves to have an entire nation state - which used to be his personal possession - restored to private control.” ( The Dalai Lama Deserves Criticism, Not Adulation )

In conclusion:
The Dalai Lama has been able to effectively reinvent himself after his self imposed exile from Tibet in 1959. With money from the CIA, a city given to him in Indian (Dharmsala) in which to govern Tibetan refugees, the Dalai Lama travels the world as a self-appointed ambassador of peace whose compound in Dharmsala is run more like a corporation whose business ventures requires banks of computer servers (recently likely hacked by the Chinese) just to keep up with his vast religious – political empire functioning. While this perceived Bambi appear to be a harmless fruit eater, his hypocritical life style and lies have not gone unnoticed, especially by the International Shugden Buddhist Community

The hypocrisy of the Dalai Lama even extends to his dietary life style. While most devoted Buddhists refuse to eat meat out of respect for the life of the animal, the Dalai Lama talks out of both side of his mouth even on this ( The Dalai Lama: On meat and moral gymnastics ).

So, should you be wealthy enough to get a personal audience with this Buddhist god, you might want to pick up several Chick-fil-A burgers on the way or, better yet, just have him meet you at your favorite steakhouse!